Welcome to Cairns Communications!

Cairns Communications is the Freelance Journalism, Voice Over, Training and Travel Writing consultancy of Graham and Shirley Cairns. What can we do for you?

Training and Education

Graham and Shirley Cairns have been involved in training for decades, in Public Speaking and Journalism education.

For many years they were key figures in the growth and development of Toastmasters clubs in two states, and both have been ad-hoc mentors in their various workplaces.

Graham is also a TAFE-qualified trainer, and has been teaching university students on a part-time basis for nearly 15 years in a variety of journalism-related subjects. Those subjects have included traditional subjects like Newswriting, Styles and genres of news, Court reporting and Politics, as well as online subjects including Computer-Assisted Reporting, Publishing, and Live blogging. He has also taught Radio and Print news production.

Also, if you or your staff need training in

  • how to deal with the news media,
  • how to present key points in news interviews, and
  • how to best get your point across,

then who better than a journalist of 30 years experience? CairnsCommunications can structure training courses in media management to meet your needs – just call!

Casual journalism / production

As an experienced journalist, with a lifetime focus on broadcast and online journalism, Graham at CairnsCommunications can assist with your short-term staffing needs, particularly in the South-East Queensland region.

Graham has worked in Commercial, Public and Community radio, and understands the imperatives and constraints of each sector. He is highly skilled on both sides of the microphone, as a newsreader, a presenter, a producer and a journalist.

He has also worked as an online journalist – both as a writer and as a producer.

Travel writing

Graham and Shirley Cairns have a passion for travel – but unlike many writers, they are doing it on their own dollar. As a mid-fifties couple, with adult children, they are SKINs – ‘Spending the Kids Inheritance Now’. But since they’d like to leave those kids something, they are adopting a ‘value for money’ approach – not being too stingy, but by the same token, not spending as if money were no object.

Coming soon, you’ll find a series of reports and observations from their travels – and also, some of the quirkier things about their home region, too! If you’re interested in domestic or international travel – by car, plane or cruise-ship – drop in to share the word on the world!

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