Weekend Wanderings – layin’ down on the job.

I guess it is only fair.

I often take random, candid shots of my wife when we are travelling.

So I can’t complain when she does it to me 🙂

We were in Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic, as we prepared to join a cruise ship and sail around the Caribbean, across the Atlantic and then through the Mediterranean to Venice on the MSC Musica.

Before we boarded, we had Easter in the ‘Zona Colonial’ (Old Town) of Santo Domingo, and I was in happy-snap heaven.

I am not a particularly good photographer – but I am an enthusiastic taker-of-pics.

And sometimes I will go to undignified lengths to get the shot I want.

I can’t be certain specifically what I am shooting here – because this shot came from my wife’s camera – but I suspect it is a shot of the sun shining past the the Basilica Cathedral of Santa María la Menor, since the next images in my wife’s camera were of that church.

Whatever it is, I suspect that as an overweight middle-aged bloke, it may not be long before getting down on the ground for a picture is beyond me.

Well, not so much the getting down as the getting back up again 🙂

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