Friday Featured Travel Pic: Jewel Cave, Western Australia

stone karri forest in jewel cave in wa

“Karri Forest” stalagmite structure in Jewel Cave, WA

The Margaret River – Augusta region of Western Australia is home to some of the country’s best wineries, some of the most rugged coastlines (including Cape Leeuwin with its century-old lighthouse), some of the most amazing trees (Karri pines – mighty eucalyptus that can grow up to 90 metres tall) – and some of the most amazing caves.

Of the 100+ caves in the region, one of the most accessible is the Jewel Cave – which was opened as a tourist attraction in 1959.

Stretching to 42 metres below the ground, Jewel Cave is actually a series of caves connected by underground passages through the limestone of the Leeuwin-Naturaliste ridge (a limestone area that runs like a spar down 90km of the WA coastline.)

Jewel’s noted not just for its amazing stalactite and stalagmite structures (including this, the “Karri Forest”) but also for the skeleton of a Tasmanian Tiger which fell into the cave and perished.

There are half a dozen hour-long guided tours most days, with prices ranging from $12 for kids to $25 for adults.

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