Travel Pics Theme: Y for You should see the view

"I spy the London Eye..." - the view from St James park

“I spy the London Eye…” – the view from St James park

The theme letter for our ‪‎travel pics this week is Y – for You should see the view!

We’ll start in London – and a classic view from St James Park toward the Blue Bridge and the London Eye.

St James Park effectively extends from Buckingham Palace in the west to Downing Street in the east .. and is divided in the middle by the Blue Bridge, seen in our picture.

There’s been a bridge here since the 1820s – but this one was built in 1957, apparently.

From the Queen’s place (behind us), she can look along St James Park, across the bridge, and then across the river to the Jubilee Gardens – home to the London Eye, also seen in our picture.

The giant ferris wheel (also known as the Millennium Wheel) was built in 1999 – and was the biggest in the world at the time.

It’s since been usurped by the Star of Nanchang, the Singapore Flyer, and the High Roller in Las Vegas.

We haven’t been on the Eye because on days with no sun, there’s not much point – but on days with sun, there’s not much chance of getting on without an hour-long queue 🙂




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