Travel Pics Theme: K for Koper. Goodbye, Slovenia

Koper Sunset

Koper Sunset

This week, our Travel pics series has been K for Koper.

And we’ll end with a view of the Slovenian coast as we sailed away.

There’s something very special about a sunset, especially one on board a ship.

And this one was extra special – we’d just spent a lovely day in Koper, in Slovenia – and we were just hours away from Venice.

That was exciting – but also a bit sad, since it was our last night on board the MSC Musica, a cruise ship that had been our temporary home for nearly a month.

We’d travelled around the Caribbean, across the Atlantic, through the Mediterranean, and up the Adriatic … and everywhere we’d been we’d created memories.

But this was to be the final night on board.

So as we sailed away from Koper, it was a bittersweet experience.

If you ever get the chance to sail to any of those destinations, do it – they were all gorgeous in their own way.

And Koper was no different .. sweet, less ‘touristy’ than many ports – and a perfect way to wind down the trip (before the excitement of Italy, and then Abu Dhabi on the way home – but that’s another story!)

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