Travel Pics Theme: E for Eating. When things go wrong …

Eats can go oh so wrong

The theme for our ‪‎travel pics this week is E, for Eating.

Most of the food images we have taken, while traveling, have been of things that we really like.

But every now and then, something is so bad it has to be documented.

This is one such serving.

In 2008, we were in Hawaii – which, I have to say, wasn’t exactly full of culinary delights. Hawaiians eat lots of food. But it’s often pretty awful.

Hawaii, after all,  is a state that actually celebrates and honors Spam with an annual festival.

Anyway, we were at the Pacific Cultural Centre (a sort of theme-park celebrating Pacific culture) when I felt peckish … so ordered nachos from a kiosk.

This was the result: white, tasteless corn-chips, covered with a dollop of ketchup and then squeezy cheese – that is, cheese from a squeeze-bottle.

It was then microwaved for 30 seconds and served in a cardboard box.

Tasty? Ah, no. But cheap? Ah, again, no – from memory this cost me $6.

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