Travel Pics Theme: B for Barbados

barbados graveyard st johns parish

This week, our Travel pics series is B for Barbados.

Barbados, like many Caribbean countries, has a deep, rich religious history – and there are a number of churches that have become tourist attractions in their own right.

St James’, St John’s, St Lucy’s .. they were all first built in the 1600s – but fires and hurricanes have destroyed all the original structures.

But they have all been rebuilt – like St John’s in our picture which was rebuilt in 1836 and is home to the grave of Ferdinand Paleologus, a descendant of Constantine, the Holy Roman Emperor.

The church also features a statue of local identity Elizabeth Pinder, sculpted by Sir Richard Westamacott – which is a big deal for those who love their Victorian-era sculptures.

The church-yard overlooks the Atlantic Ocean, 200 metres below, and features stunning views of Pico Teneriffe, a coral cliff pinnacle to the north and of Ragged Point lighthouse to the south.

Another church worth checking out on Barbados is St James, in the Holetown area – site of the oldest settlement in Barbados.

While the views aren’t as good, the history of the church is awe inspiring – including the original church bell, cast in the same foundry as Philadelphia’s Liberty bell, which it predated by 56 years.

There’s also a baptismal font that dates back nearly 350 years, and some stunning stained glass windows – including one that features ‘The Baptism of the Ethiopian, by St. Philip’

It’s no coincidence that the lush surroundings in this window are tropical gardens, rather than the harsh Ethiopian landscape – and the supplicant looks remarkably Caribbean, rather than Ethiopian …

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