Travel Pics Theme: B for Barbados

Bayshore Beach Barbados

Bayshore Beach Barbados

This week, our Travel pics series has been B for Barbados.

And to wrap us up, a scene that strikes me as quintessentially Barbados.

This is Bayshore Beach, part of Carlisle Bay, in St Michaels Parish, Bridgetown, Barbados.

The Azure sky, the Cerulean water, the White sandy beach .. its like everything in Barbados has an extra dose of vibrancy.

Bayshore Beach is one of three beaches along Carlisle Bay .. (Pebbles, Bayshore and Brownes) .. and can get very busy, apparently – although on the day we were there, only about 50 people (mostly locals) were in the water or the beach.

Even as an Aussie, who is used to some of the best beaches in the world, I have to say the beach was lovely – and particularly picturesque with the sailboats and watercraft anchored just metres away.

There’s palm trees fringing the beach, there’s a colourful lifeguard observation tower, there’s sun, and sea, and sand — all in all, it’s enough to bring Typically Tropical’s “Barbados” to mind (the 1975 version – not The Venga Boy’s ‘Going To Ibiza’ 2014 travesty)

Go on – you know you want to listen (and you’ll thank me for the earworm later!)

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