Travel Pics Theme: B for Barbados

Barbados WelcomeThis week, our Travel pics series is B for Barbados.

All the images were taken in a quick visit in April 2015 – Barbados was a port on our Caribbean-to-Europe cruise and it was only a taste.

We begin at the port of Bridgetown, or, officially, Deep Water Harbour.

The port was constructed in the late ’50s, and is the result of an artificial land bridge connecting the former quarantine facility on Pelican Island with the main island of Barbados.

The port is designed to cater for up to a million cruise ship passengers a year – but it’s remarkably hard to find hard data on the actual number. In 2012 the numbers were closer to 530,000 – a 15% drop on the previous year. That could explain why the local taxi drivers and others in the portside tourist precinct seemed willing to ‘cut deals’ the day we arrived.

The ships seen here, by the way, are the Thomson Celebration and the MSC Musica … the Musica is roughly three times the size of the Celebration, and carried about two-and-a-half thousand passengers.

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