Travel Pics Theme: B for Barbados

De Bird Snack Store

De Bird Snack Store

This week, our Travel pics series is B for Barbados.

It’s Saturday – so maybe it is time for a beer!

Bird’s Snackette and Bar, across the road from Bayshore Beach in St Michaels, is something of a chameleon.

When we were there in 2015, it was – as you can see – bright red and white: using the livery of Banks Beer – “The Beer of Barbados” (which I quite enjoyed, by the way)

But a few years earlier, it was bright green and had logos and sponsorship from Heineken (which I don’t like anywhere near as much, by the way!)

Its a great idea – get your suppliers to pay for your business to be repainted fairly regularly – and make it bright and colourful so tourists are attracted like moths to a flame.

Well it works 🙂

Add a little local patois like “De Famous…” and its a case of winner-winner-chicken-dinner! (which you can’t buy there – but you can get fried chicken pieces, just so you know)


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