Travel Pics Theme: B for Barbados

Barbados Orchid
This week, our Travel pics series is B for Barbados.

For Wednesday, an image from Orchid World, one of the most colourful locations in an already colourful island!

Orchid World is a garden featuring around 5000 garden orchids – although obviously they aren’t all in bloom at the same time 🙂

I should stress that they are all garden orchids, not wild orchids … there are, in fact, a few wild ones growing on trees – but the climate means that they rarely flower, so are not a focus of the owners.

Most people visit the orchid gardens as part of a bus tour – meaning that they only get an hour or so before being moved off to somewhere else … but it’s possible to get a taxi or private car to the gardens and spend as long as you like.

My sisters, and their companions, did this last year – they spent half a day at the gardens, before being driven via some local churches and lookouts back to the ship we were travelling on.

It’s a 2.4 hectare site, or six acres, so not exactly huge – but for lovers of orchids, there are some splendid examples – and there are views of the surrounding area, because the gardens are near Market Hill and more than 250 metres above sea level.

(By the way, credit where credit’s due: This picture was taken by my sister, Maureen)

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