Travel Pics Theme: C for Cruise Ships

Azmara Quest in Cairns

Azamara Quest in Cairns

This week, our Travel pics series is C, for Cruise Ships.

For Thursday, it’s a pic I snapped of the Azamara Quest, docked in Cairns.

Azamara is a Royal Caribbean cruise line – but that’s a bit like saying a Lexus is a Toyota.

Azamara is a premium cruise service – as witnessed by the size of the ships. There are only two – the Journey,. and the Quest (seen here). Both are 16 years old, carry fewer than 700 passengers (and 400 crew – better than one crew-member for every two pax) and are consistently listed as winners in a variety of ‘quality’ categories. The Quest, for example, has a 24 hour butler service (as opposed to the ‘room service available on most ships) and has won a dedicated, and extremely loyal, clientele.

Because they are smaller ships, the Quest and the Journey can get into smaller ports – especially in the Caribbean – and that allows a much more varied itinerary than their larger cousins.

As mentioned, this pic comes as the Quest was docked in Cairns – I was there for my mum’s funeral, and I have to say this little beauty brightened up what was otherwise a pretty sad time.

In fact, every time we are in Cairns, my relatives know they have to take me past the cruise ship terminal, just in case there’s a ship in port.

Obsessed? Moi? Never 🙂


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