Travel Pics Theme: X marks the Spot

New Zealand Fjords

Milford Sound, in New Zealand Fiords

The theme letter for our ‪‎travel pics this week is X (Marks the spot).


And for Saturday, the X is eXaggerated valleys of New Zealand’s Fiordland National Park.

The region, on the southwest of the Southern Island of New Zealand, features three main sounds: Doubtful, Dusky and Milford – each of which has deeply gouged fiord valleys – remnants of the glaciers which have dominated the area for millenia.

There are few roads .. in fact, most land-based visitors ‘tramp’ in (the New Zealand term for hiking).

But many others, like us, come in on cruise ships which sail the sounds for te day.

There are also smaller boats, too – check on the right of the photo, and you will see a two-level ferry – which gives you an idea of the scale of those cliffs!

In fact, in parts of the Fiorland, peaks rise to two kilometres high.

This particular photo is in Milford Sound, just after we entered the inlet – and the view is just gobsmacking.

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