Travel Pics Theme: V for Vietnam

Halong Bay Kayaks

Halong Bay Kayaks

The theme letter for our ‪‎travel pics this week is V, for Vietnam.

Our first in this series comes from Halong Bay – and it’s a flotilla of kayaks, just waiting for tourists to go paddling.

The karsts (or limestone outcrops) of Halong Bay are fascinating – and for many, the best way to explore them is in a kayak, like these … paddling around the bay, into caves that open up into large open areas…

For others,bamboo boats (piloted by strong, wiry, energetic locals) is the way to go – but either way, a paddle around Halong Bay is a brilliant way to spend a day.

2 thoughts on “Travel Pics Theme: V for Vietnam

    • Shirley and I didn’t actually go kayaking (Shirl has a bad back, so we took a bamboo boat instead) – buy it was a great afternoon – and we loved the whole Halong Bay part of our Vietnam trip


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