Travel Pics Theme: U for Under

Lifou underwater

Lifou underwater

The theme letter for our ‪‎travel pics this week is U, for Under.

For Wednesday, we head Under Water – to Jinek Bay, at Lifou – one of the most popular snorkelling spots for those cruising the South Pacific.

I’d been to Lifou a few years back, and snorkelled at Jinek Bay – and was a bit disappointed.

The snorkelling was OK, but not spectacular … and the bay was crowded, with about half the ship in the water at the same time.

But the second time I went, the locals had started charging $A15 for a day-pass to the ‘marine reserve’ to improve the facilities – like useable steps into the water – and instead of there being hundreds of tourists in the water, there were mere dozens.

That means the coral has recovered, the fish are back, the facilities have improved markedly … win-win, I think.

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