Friday Travel: Writing in cattle class

I am writing this blog post on a plane, in Economy class, on a low-cost carrier.

20160107_233215I’ve recently spent quite a few hours on flights between my home in Brisbane, and the home of my ailing mother in Cairns, 140 flying minutes away.

And every time, I vow to make use of that two-hour-plus window – writing, or catching up on paperwork, or something else productive.

But in general, I give up pretty much as soon as I start – because the cramped conditions of economy don’t lend themselves to something even as small as my trusty Asus Transformer, compact as it is.20160107_234934

That’s even more difficult if you buy a drink and snack – taking up even more valuable real estate.

But tonight, I’ve managed to snaffle seat 13D – one of the ‘emergency exit’ seats, so I get a bit more room.

It’s still not the most comfortable spot for bashing out breathless prose – but it’s certainly better than a middle-seat in the back of the bus, where every movement of my elbows prods fellow passengers.

Oh, for the luxury of business class – with its wider seat configurations and its USB and power sockets.

However, I’m on Jetstar, which doesn’t even offer Premium Economy – not that I would choose it anyway, since I am a semi-retired blogger whose penurious state doesn’t allow for such fripperies.

But a  man can dream, can’t he?

One thought on “Friday Travel: Writing in cattle class

  1. A very apt description. It’s true, based on cost alone, it’s very reasonable to expect economy to be much less comfortable & certainly not an ideal working space. However, having done that same trip many times, when on the 6.10am flight from Cairns to Brisbane on a Monday morning, you notice many a passenger trying to get some work completed. Still, a minor inconvenience when the time spent travelling & cost saved is taken into account.


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