Travel Pics Theme: M for Madeira

The theme for our ‪‎travel pics this week is M for Madeira.

Madeira, like all of Portugal, has a deeply embedded religious ethos – and that’s shown in its dozens of churches that are dotted across the island.

This church is apparently St Anthony’s (or, strictly speaking, Santo Antonio)

The parish church of Santo António was constructed in the late 1700s in a Rococo style, unique to Madeira.

Featuring six altars, the church was restored in the 1920s and a large clock was added to one of the tall bell towers, which still keeps the time for local inhabitants.

3 thoughts on “Travel Pics Theme: M for Madeira

    • We were only there for a day – but look forward to going back some day.

      Of course, it’s almost literally on the other side of the world to us.

      If you tunnel from my home town through the centre of the earth, Madeira is just a few hundred km away 🙂

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