Travel Pics Theme: B for Bridges. Golden Gate


Golden Gate Bridge

The theme for our ‪‎travel pics this week is B – for Bridges.

Our final image is one of the most photographed bridges in the world – San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge.



his crosses from Marin County to San Francisco itself, and crosses the ‘Golden Gate strait’ .. a 5mk long, 1.5km wide stretch of water that connects the Pacific with San Francisco Bay.

The temperature differential between those two bodies of water creates the famous fog, especially in summer, which often hides this bridge from view.

However, on this glorious November day, the bridge was sitting there, pretty as a picture – and just waiting for us. It was also the backdrop to our daughter’s wedding, which is another reason this pic is something of a favourite of mine 🙂

One thought on “Travel Pics Theme: B for Bridges. Golden Gate

  1. Happy to be the second most beautiful lady in red that day. Love that bridge. Though I gotta say, I liked the old span of the Bay Bridge better. My current commute – by bus, so as to minimize the health hazard that is BART – has me watching its gradual demise every day. 😦


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