Thursday thoughts: Time is such a flexible thing …

Shirley and I were laying in the pre-dawn darkness of a hotel room this morning … whoops, this sounds like it’s going somewhere it isn’t!

Anyway, we were both wide awake, and discussing the fact that we have been a ‘couple’ for 40 years in just a few short months (we met at a party in May 1976, just days after her 17th birthday).

And I mentioned, in that soppy romantic way that is not like me, really it isn’t, that I couldn’t imagine what life would have been without her,

We discussed spending our 30th anniversary on Alcatraz Island (somehow seemed appropriate 🙂 ) – but while we were able to say WHERE we were for our 10th and 20th anniversaries, we couldn’t specifically remember the events themselves – or more precisely, couldn’t identify which particular memories belonged to which specific occasion.

Time seems to contract, or expand, depending on mood, and memories, and all sorts of things.

The flip-side of that coin is that I mentioned we were lying awake discussing these things in the pre-dawn darkness.

And that’s because – despite going to bed quite late – our internal body clocks were still on Brisbane time, rather than Singapore. So when I woke at my usual 5:30am – it was only 3.30am here.

Ah well – gives us an extra couple of hours to do things today. So – must get to them!

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