Travel Pics Theme: C for Churches. St Thomas and St Edmunds, Salisbury.

Stained Glass Window
The theme for our ‪‎travel pics this week is C for Churches.

Today, it’s St Thomas and St Edmunds, in the heart of Salisbury, UK.

We showed you an image of Salisbury Cathedral earlier this week – but this (much smaller) church is actually just as interesting.

It was the church built to serve the workmen who were building the cathedral, so it is much less opulent – but it had a fine fresco (known as the “Doom painting” on its walls. That was whitewashed over by a quick-thinking priest just before the Roundheads arrived during the English Civil War – they had a tendency to destroy such idolatrous paintings (a bit like the Taliban in Bamiyan, I guess).

Anyway, the painting was covered up – and not rediscovered until 250 years later – it’s since been ‘restored’ three times, with varying degrees of competence.


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