2 thoughts on “Rear View Microphone podcast 004

  1. What sensationalism. You do need to check your facts before making such claims. Of course the passengers are given a full refund.


    • Thanks for your input, Raina.

      There is, as yet, no confirmation from the cruise line that a refund will be offered – and the letter sent to the passenger makes no reference to it.

      But as I say in my podcast, “…the RCCL frequently-asked-questions entry on cancellations says the passenger can cancel 150-days out from the cruise and get his money back. It appears that a refund could be forthcoming – unless the passenger chooses one of the other cruises on offer. So, it would appear to be either-or, not both (as has been the case with other lines)”

      But as I also point out “The passenger had travel insurance (I’m not sure who with) but the insurance company apparently says “so sad, too bad – RCCL will have to reimburse you for cancelled airfares, etc.” Which sucks, when RCCL clearly says they won’t.”

      I see this as an issue that needs airing – not as ‘sensationalism’

      But I sincerely thank you for your input. If nothing else, it made me recheck the facts, as I have them to hand – which is what all good journalism requires.


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