Travel Pics Theme: I for Italy

The theme for our ‪‎travel pics this week (and a bit) is I, for Italy.


Ah, St Mark’s, the home of the 18-dollar coffee 🙂

In St Mark’s Square, Venice, there are a series of cafes.

If you go inside and order a coffee at the bar it will cost you around a €1 – or $A1.50

But if you sit outside, as these people are, you get a comfortable table and chairs; you get to watch the crowds go by; you get beautiful music from a live orchestra; and you get a €12 bill with your coffee.

That’s because the coffee will cost you €6 – six times the inside price – but you also face a €6 ‘music’ charge as well.

I remember reading of one set of tourists who ordered four coffees and three liqueurs – and got a bill for around €100 ($A150)

We would have liked a coffee – but at that kind of price, we didn’t bother 🙂

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