Travel Pics Theme: J for Jungles (and rainforests)

Tivua Island off Fiji
The theme for our ‪‎travel pics this week is J, for Jungles (and rainforests)  – and for Friday, it’s Tivua island, in Fiji.

One of the Mamanuca islands off Viti Levu, Tivua is a pretty little coral cay that is used as a day-trip for tourists from Nadi.

It’s small enough to walk around in 20 minutes, and offers some quiet swimming sports, moderately interesting snorkelling and diving areas, and a typical rainforest tropical island vibe.

There are no permanent residents – and only two small bures used occasionally for overnight visitors.

As for the rainforest – one of the things that guides often offer to day-trippers is a walk through the trees, pointing out the uses to which plants are used in local medicine, construction, food and play.

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