Travel Pics Theme: R for Railways

Rome Metro graffiti

Rome Metro graffiti

The theme letter for our ‪‎travel pics this week is R – for Railways.

It should have come as no surprise to see the Metro trains of Rome covered in graffiti – after all, the very word ‘graffiti’ is Italian (from graffiato, to scratch into … ) but I have to say, I wasn’t expecting a New York style of adornment on the city’s underground trains.

Then again, I wasn’t expecting such a complex of underground trains in an ancient city, anyway!

Rome’s Metro is older than I am – dating back to 1955, with three lines and 73 stations.

As for the graffiti itself? I’m struck by the irony of the message on the first carriage from the left. It says “in questi momenti mi dimentico chi sono” – which roughly translates as “I sometimes forget who I am”. Perhaps that’s why GianMap700 felt the need to scrawl their name in whopping great letters below their missive!



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