Travel Pics Theme: T for Thailand

Kanchanaburi War Cemetary

Kanchanaburi War Cemetary

The theme letter for our ‪‎travel pics this week is T, for Thailand

For our final image in this series, it’s the Kanchanaburi War Cemetary.

Kanchanaburi is a town of 23,000 people, about 120km from Bangkok.

It’s main ‘claim to fame’, at least where tourists are concerned, is its location on the River Kwai – and the museums, memorials and cemeteries honouring those who were forced to help build the infamous Burma Railway.

One such cemetary is the one pictured here – the largest of Kanchanaburi’s two war cemeteries, immaculately maintained by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.

It’s in the heart of the town, and is the resting place of nearly seven thousand soldiers – mostly British, Australian and Dutch. (American remains were repatriated to the US)

I freely admit to crying as I stood here, looking at the names – and ages – of the young men interred here .. many of them were younger than my son was at the time.

But it’s lovely to know that our young men’s remains are being looked after so well, in such a beautiful spot.

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