Travel Pics Theme: U for Under

Shanghai Fog

Shanghai Fog

The theme letter for our ‪‎travel pics this week is U, for Under.

To wrap the week up, we are Under the Fog in Shanghai.

The most populous city in China, Shanghai is home to 24 million people, and has the world’s busiest container port.

It’s on the Yangtze River delta, and at its heart is The Bund or Waitan on one side, and the Pudong on the other. On the Bund side of the river there are examples of European colonial structures, dating back to the days when the city was a polyglot mixture of cultures and colonial influences.

But on the other side is the Pudong – the East Bak was traditionally only farms and less-developed industrial land. But in 1993, it was declared part of a Special Economic Zone – and is now one of the most concentrate financial districts in the world.

It’s home to dozens – scores – hundreds of iconic buildings, with more being constructed every day. It’s also the backdrop to one of the most stunning river cruises you will ever see.

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