Travel Pics Theme: W for Worldmark

Fiji guitar serenade

Bula! A guitar and ukelele serenade outside a Worldmark unit in Fiji

The theme letter for our ‪‎travel pics this week is W, for Worldmark.

Our final pic in this week’s series once again comes from Denarau Island, in Nadi, Fiji.

This is a lovely resort, with as much or as little to do as you like.

We’ve been there twice – and on those visits we’ve been to the Garden of the Sleeping Giant (an orchid-based botanical garden established by actor Raymond Burr), Tivua Island, (a small coral cay), and to a local village, to see local handicrafts and village life.

I’ve also been parasailing (Shirley decided not to join me for that one!) and we’ve also just lazed around the pool.

It is, after all, a tropical paradise.

On that subject .. notice the water around the feet of the guitar-players?

It’s worth bearing in mind that it DOES rain a lot in Fiji – so sometimes you just have to go sit in Mamacita’s Bar and Restaurant, and drink Fiji Bitter 🙂

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