Rear View Microphone podcast 011

Here’s the Eleventh episode of Rear View Microphone – the weekly podcast covering Travel and Cruising

This week in cruise news – hello, and goodbye, to ships servicing Australia; and in Travel – what happens when you negotiate a price – and the local wants more later?



One thought on “Rear View Microphone podcast 011

  1. Very difficult first minute. Big repeating noise in the background. Interesting news, a bit fast and no “air or pause” between them. How much you can say already in the first three minutes? “Do I want what can do wrong?” not going down. But small things, as not on the table I want. Or no one swimming because all ill. What I want to avoid is the sea up and down so I could not eat anything, do anything then wait till the next stop! My daughter, no problem at age 2 and I was ill for three days. But of course those who go on cruise nothing like this happens! Easier to say small problems, that can be seen even funny. “I love: short of…”


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