Travel Pics Theme: D for Dominica

Copyright? What's that?

Copyright? What’s that?

This week, our Travel pics series is D for Dominica.

And our final picture this week shows a unique take on copyright in the Caribbean 🙂

We were wandering in to town from the Roseau cruise ship wharf when we spotted this corner store, which sells all sorts of things but obviously specialises in mobile phones – recharging, selling and repairing.

I’m not sure that Disney are aware that Mickey and Minnie Mouse have become sales staff for phone repairs, but they are certainly bright and colourful.

Mind you, there’s a long tradition of Mickey and his friends being featured (legally and otherwise) in Dominica .. for example, the country has been issuing stamps featuring Disney characters as far back as 1979.

But those at least had the imprimatur of the Disney company.

And just to show that Disney’s not the only copyright holders to be scoffed at, Nickelodeon also gets a quick ignore, too, in our picture – with Spongebob Squarepants and a somewhat unhappy (and anaemic) Patrick Starfish sitting outside for no apparent reason.

Sums up Dominica quite well, actually – bright, colourful, and just a little askew 🙂

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