Travel Pics Theme: G for Gardens. Singapore Orchids

Singapore Orchids

Singapore Orchids

This week, our Travel pics series is G for Gardens.

For Saturday, it’s Singapore, and the city-state’s National Orchid Gardens..

We recently had reason to spend a few days in Singapore, on our way to Vietnam, and discovered a great little bonus that is sometimes on offer if you fly with Singapore Airlines – the Singapore Stopover Holiday.

Now, I have _nothing_ to gain by telling you this. We travelled on our own dime, and I get no commissions from Singapore Air or anything – I just thought it was an opportunity worth sharing!

With our particular deal, we paid $79 each per night for our hotel (already cheaper than the best rate I could find) and got a whole swag of freebies – including unlimited hop-on hop-off bus for 3 days, Cable Car and Sentosa Island entry, a number of attractions on Sentosa, a Bumboat ride, Singapore Zoo entry, Gardens By the Bay entry, walking tours, a pub crawl, Bird Park entry, and more.

But the reason I mention it is because we also got entry into the National Orchid Garden, a for-fee section of the Botanical Gardens in Singapore.

Opened a decade ago, the Orchid Gardens are at the highest point of the Botanical Gardens, and feature 60 thousand orchids, of more than 1,000 species. Who would have thought there were that many types of orchids? 🙂

Recognised as one of the best gardens of its type in the world, you could spend an hour here, or a whole day – and I’m told that many orchid fanciers do!

The consensus is to visit the gardens in the cool of the morning, rather than at lunch-time (as we did) – but even in the heat of the day, the Orchid gardens are a cool oasis (if you can have an oasis in the middle of a lush tropical paradise …)

Normally, entry is only five dollars anyway, but as I say, we got entry free with the Singapore Stopover.

If you are going  via Singapore, ask your travel agent about the SSH … and if you don’t HAVE a travel agent, contact my son Alan ( – he’s a consultant with Australia’s largest travel specialists, and he’d welcome the chance to get your business 🙂

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