Travel Pics Theme: I for Innisfail. Art Deco Capital

Innisfail Welcome Sign

Innisfail Welcome Sign

This week, our Travel pics series is I for Innisfail.

Innisfail’s a small township about an hour south of Cairns in Far North Queensland, which styles itself as “Australia’s Art Deco Capital”.

In 1918, Innisfail was slammed by a cyclone that killed around a hundred people. So bad was the damage in Innisfail that fewer than a dozen homes remained standing, in a town of 3500.

When authorities decided to rebuild, they recognised that wooden structures would no longer cut it – so brick and stone structures were built in their place.

The decision was made to rebuild in the aspirational architectural style known as ‘Art Deco’, and there are a number of examples throughout the town, which we’ll feature this week.


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