Travel Pics Theme: J for Jets. LAX

LAX Airport

LAX Airport

This week, our Travel pics series will be J for Jets.

We”ll begin with a Southwest jet in an iconic location – LAX.

This Boeing 737 (all Southwest aircraft are 737 variants) is in front of the Theme Building.

This building marks what was to be the centre of a giant glass-domed terminal planned for LA International – but it soon became obvious that the idea would never have worked.

Instead, in 1961, the Theme Building was placed in its stead – it contained a revolving restaurant (later stationary) and observation level. The whole complex was extensively renovated in the late ’90s – but in 2001 the security panic sparked by the 9/11 attacks temporarily closed the building.

Even when the Theme Building’s key tenant, the Encounter Restaurant, reopened it faced a new problem .. the restaurant (and indeed, the whole Theme Building) is pre-security – and given the often extensive delays getting through security at LAX passengers are unwilling to eat there.

The restaurant closed in 2013, and there’s no suggestion it will reopen any time soon.

But the Observation Tower continues to operate on weekends, and the Jetsonesque building continues to evoke a retro-futuristic feel for LA International Airport.

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