Travel Pics Theme: J for Jets. Virgin in Fiji

Virgin in Paradise

Virgin in Paradise

This week, our Travel pics series is J for Jets.

For Saturday, we return to Nadi, in Fiji, and this Virgin 737.

VH-VUY .. or Snapper Rocks, as Virgin calls it ..  is a 737-8KG variant, built in 2010.

It was originally flown as a Virgin Blue plane, Byron Beauty – but was later repainted and renamed Snapper Rocks when Virgin Blue was relaunched as Virgin Australia.

Actually, it’s interesting .. our first flight to Fiji in 2006 was on a Virgin plane – but at that stage the company was trading as Pacific Blue, the name it gave to its international arm in this part of the world (domestic flights flew as Virgin Blue)

Since then, of course, Virgin has moved ‘upmarket’ as a full-service airline and our 2013 flight was, as you see, on a Virgin Australia flight.

To be honest, I couldn’t tell you whether much had changed in the  intervening seven years, because the Pacific Blue flight was our first ever international flight (kicking off our travel bug) and so I was so wide-eyed and innocent I didn’t take any notes 🙂

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