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Norwegian Jewel Sail Away

Norwegian Jewel Sail Away

C’mon lets cruise we’ve got nothin’ to lose …

As part of our road trip around the North American west coast, Shirley and I have left the road – in fact, we’ve left the land, and are on a cruise ship sailing down to what’s euphemistically known as the Mexican Riviera.

Remember the Love Boat, and how they would head to Cabo San Lucas, and Puerto Vallarta, and Mazatlan? That’s where we are off to.

And as seems to be the case quite often when we cruise, after days of magnificent cloudless blue skies, we get cloudy, drizzly conditions for the Sail Away.

But if you think the damp conditions dampened the spirits of passengers on the Norwegian Jewel, you’d be wrong.

As any cruiser will tell you – any cruise is better than no cruise, and a sail-away party is a chance to start as you intend to continue.

That’s why, if you look, you’ll see an awful lot of alcohol being consumed – and a couple in the spa (despite the cool breeze), and passengers dancing as if no-one were watching, because “hey – we’re on holidays”.

And if anything can brighten up a grey Sunday afternoon, it’s that sort of attitude.

Party on, fellow passengers. Party On!


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