CairnsCommunications backs “Say No To No”

Here at CairnsCommunications, we are proud to join with other advertising and marketing professionals in joining the ‘Say No To No’ campaign.

We have no objections to working for religious organisations (and have done work for some in the past), but on THIS issue, a line has to be drawn.

As a straight couple, no-one had the right to approve our marriage .. and we do not believe that we have the right to approve of anyone else’s commitment to each other.

Support for ‘freedom of speech’ is paramount – but there is no doubt in our minds that there will be vile, reprehensible, deliberately harmful things said by opponents of Marriage Equality in this campaign.

And we cannot – WILL NOT – be a part of that.

That’s why we “Say No To No”, and would encourage other small agencies to do the same.

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