I’m on a boat!

P1010062As I type, the Princess Cruises’ Sun Princess is turning around in the Brisbane River, and I am typing frantically, to get this written while we still have cellphone coverage.

You see, ship internet generally sux – especially for uploads – and there was a huge crowd at the reception desk anyway. So I have to get this finished while we are still in Optus range.

And why didn’t I have this blog written in advance? Probably because I am slack šŸ™‚

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAActually, the real reason is that I have been tied up all week writing a series of lectures to be delivered on board over the next seven days.

Yes, I’ve joined the mysterious world of “Enrichment Lecturers!”

If you’ve ever been on a cruise, you know that there are speakers who present lectures on a whole swag of subjects, to entertain and enlighten the passengers on sea days .. and I am now one of them.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOver the next week, I deliver talks on cruise ships past-present-future, on colonisation of the South Pacific, on famous (and not so famous) travellers, and on how to write a media release to get your group, organisation or business publicity.

But the rest of the time, Shirley and I will just be passengers.

I had wondered, in the past, how this process works – and yes, it’s true: Shirl and I are sailing for free. Sort of.

Enrichment speakers don’t get paid by the cruise-line – instead, they take you (and a partner) as ‘non-revenue passengers’.

Of course, I had to pay a placement fee to an agency – but the short version is that the pair of us effectively pay just $100 each (after onboard credits, etc). Which is pretty schmick!

But I find I am in an interesting position – my role is neither fish nor fowl.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI am not crew (although when we did the compulsory lifejacket training we were at the crew muster station) and yet I am not a passenger (Shirley and I had separate check-in processes for example.)

I have to represent Princess Lines and stay within dress-code (not a problem) and we are staying in what’s called a ‘fleet cabin’ .. an interior cabin up on deck 12, a bit smaller than others we have stayed in, but still perfectly good.

But I am also a passenger – eating with other passengers, going on excursions with other passengers, etc.

How will it go? Dunno. I’ll keep you posted šŸ™‚

In the meantime, its time to boogie to some music from the Sail-Away party!

Yay cruising šŸ™‚P1010069

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