Travel Pics Theme: A for Antigua. Farewell Wadadli!

Antigua SunsetThe theme for our ‪‎travel pics this week is A – for Antigua – and this was taken as we sailed away from the magnificent West Indies island.

Antigua is also called Wadadli by locals – and that’s also the name of their delicious beer 🙂

Wadadli means “our own” in the local dialect, whereas Antigua is’ ancient’ in Spanish. The island was named by the Spanish to commemorate an icon – Santa Maria de la Antigua – from a church in Seville. (There is a ‘legend’ that Antigua means ‘no water’, and that stopped the Spanish from settling there … but that’s not true – in fact, it was the fierceness of the Carib inhabitants that made them decide to sail on by.

In any case, we only had a day there – but loved the island, and can highly recommend it.

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