Travel Pics Theme: C for Churches. Graveyard, Avebury UK


Saint James, Avebury graveyard

The theme for our ‪‎travel pics this week is C for Churches

Today, it’s a sweet little church, call Saint James at Avebury.

I’m an Australian. We’ve only had European settlement (and hence, permanent structures) here for about 230 years.

So to find a little church, in a little village, that has been standing for  more than a thousand years is literally awe-inspiring.

Saint James has, for example, a baptismal font that has been used to christen children since just after 1000 A.D.

It has a Saxon nave – also from the 11th century – and two of the Saxon windows even remain, a thousand years on. That’s astounding.

Then, outside, the graveyard … the resting place for centuries worth of locals. And that doesn’t even mention the massive henge stones that surround the village.

Avebury is certainly worth a look, if you get the chance.

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