Weekend Arts: Watching movies on a plane …

Daleks_invasion_earth_posterI was always such a movie buff – as a kid, I clearly remember the time spent at the Randwick Odeon, or the Randwick Ritz, watching films like Doctor Who and the Daleks, and later Daleks – Invasion Earth 2150 (two Doctor Who movies that are clearly ‘non canon’ for Whovians – but which, as a kid, I thoroughly enjoyed.)

And then through my teen years, movies were an important part of my growing up.

Later, I enjoyed going to the cinema regularly with my wife, and later my kids .. but in recent years, I see films far less frequently.

And that’s despite having a 55 inch television, and the full Foxtel platinum package, and Netflix, and Stan, and Presto, and literally hundreds of DVDs ..many of which were bought on special, and are still in their shrink-wrap!

Thats probably because I have a full and rich life with lots of other things to do – except when I am on a plane 🙂

|ts amusing that I’ve seen more films in the past week than in the second half of last year combined.

Which is a bit of a pity – because the quality of the screens on planes isn’t great.

But I’ve enjoyed The Martian, and Inside Out, and a swag of others .. plus more to come on the way home.

And it’s reminded me of how much I enjoy a good fillum .. so maybe that shrink-wrap will get removed soon 🙂



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