Travel Pics Theme: H for Hoi An

Japanese Bridge, Hoi An

The theme for our ‪‎travel pics this week is H, for Hoi An.


There is a bridge at the edge of Hoi An Ancient Town – it’s called Japanese Bridge, and has been there for centuries – the first incarnation was completed in 1590, and the ornamentation remains faithful to that period.

It was built to connect the Japanese part of the town with the rest – and has a unique small Buddhist temple inside (on the other side to the flag you see here)

There is a legend that a giant monster called Cu had its head in India, its tail in Japan, and its body in Vietnam – and every time it moved, earthquakes occurred.

Hoi An, according to the story, was the weakest point in its back – so the bridge was built here to break that back, and kill the creature.

But because they felt sorry about having to kill Cu, the bridge builders also included a temple to show their respects.

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