Travel Pics Theme: H for Hoi An


My Son ruinsThe theme for our ‪‎travel pics this week is H, for Hoi An – and today, we head to My Son holy land, about 40km away.

My Son was built by the Cham people, who ruled Central Vietnam from 200AD to 1700AD until finally annexed by the Vietnamese in the 19th Century.

Influenced by Hinduism they built temple complexes in Central Vietnam – including these at My Son, which is now a World Heritage site.

After the fall of the Champa, the jungle began to reclaim the temples and by the 1960’s the Viet Cong used My Son as a base – prompting bombing by the US – which in turn sped up the destruction.

But whoever you blame (and there’s plenty to go around) it’s still a fascinating place to visit. Most tourists do so on a half-day tour by bus.


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