Travel Pics Theme: K for Kotor

Riviera Soap Factory, Kotor
The theme for our ‪‎travel pics this week is K for Kotor  – and today we look at something a bit different – the ruins of a soap factory, abandoned in the heart of Kotor.

When communism fell in the former Yugoslavia in the 80s, the country fell on hard times – and there are still relics of that era to be seen, like this.

The rear is (or was, until recently), the home to squatters I am told – and the brutalist style matched with the obvious decay just made for a picture I couldn’t ignore.

2 thoughts on “Travel Pics Theme: K for Kotor

    my father was SLOBODAN and my granpha
    From Kotor …
    If you know something about the factrory Riviera and all the properties from my family , pleas wrigth me innorder to buck again


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