Travel Pics Theme: K for Kotor

Our Lady Of The Rock exterior - Perast
The theme for our ‪‎travel pics this week is K for Kotor  – and we return today to Our Lady of the Rock church, in Kotor Bay near Perast.


This church is built on a man-made island – after the discovery of a holy relic on a rock outcrop in the 1400, sailors began adding rocks, and cannon, and ballast until the island was large enough to build a church in 1452.

It’s been replaced, and renovated, twice since then … and day-trippers to nearby Perast can hire a small boat for around €5 to take you to the island, the church, and the associated museum.

The ferryman we used gave us a short talk about the island as we made our way across – but it appears that he had virtually no English, so he had probably learned his presentation off by heart, along with similar spiels in other languages.

That alone made the fee worth paying, I thought!

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