Travel Pics Theme: O for Onboard Images

MSC Musica Coffee BarThe theme for our ‪‎travel pics this week is O for On-board Images.


Now here’s a familiar scene! This is where I, my wife, my sisters, and their travelling companions spent a lot of time in April last year.

No, not because it was a bar – but because it was also a cafe, serving coffee-based concoctions of all sorts.

It was on board the MSC Musica, and we had all ensured we had a book of coffee vouchers for the 25-night journey.

But here’s the thing: the vouchers entitled us to any coffee-based drink, no matter what its price.

And if we wanted a chocolate-based drink – even if it was less expensive – the answer was no, despite the fact that were made by the same baristas, using the same machines.

I made a joke about this to one of the West Indian wait staff – who just laughed, and said that after serving with MSC for seven years, whenever that sort of thing happened, she would just shake her head, say to herself “It’s an Italian cruise line”, and move on 🙂

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