Travel Pics Theme: Y for You should see the view

Container Ship Sunset

Container Ship Sunrise

The theme letter for our ‪‎travel pics this week is Y – for You should see the view!

Shot from on board the Legend of the Seas in the South Pacific, this container ship at sunset shows that even something as stocky and square as a container ship can be beautiful, in the right circumstances.

We were outbound from Brisbane to Noumea – and two cyclones were forming not far away: Winston and Tatiana.

We sailed between them, eventually, and then followed them back south – but this image was taken while they were still in the process of forming.

There’s nothing quite like a sunrise or sunset at sea – the colours are amazing, and normally there’s nothing on the horizon to break the contrast between sea and sky .. but in this case, the ship off our starboard side provided that difference.

This was taken just as the sun rose over the South Pacific – and while I didn’t get the name of the cargo ship, I seem to remember it had the ochre-and-white livery of the Wallenius Wilhelmsen line – so it could even have been the Tampa – a ship with an important role to play in modern Australian political history 🙂

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