Travel Pics Theme: I for Innisfail. Tea and Sympathetic Rebuilding.

Innisfail Library

Innisfail Library

This week, our Travel pics series is I for Innisfail.

For Saturday, we feature one of the last ‘original’ ‘Art Deco buildings in Innisfail (although even that’s a bit of a stretch)

Allan Maruff House currently houses the Johnstone Shire Library – and commemorates Dr Maruff, an Indian-born medico, local councillor, and tea-plantation developer who moved to Innisfail in the early 50s.

In his 45 years in the town, Allan Maruff was both a GP and a medical administrator, but it was his role in establishing a successful tea plantation at nearby Nerada that was his main claim to fame.

He was also a local Councillor in the years leading up to his death in 1979, which is why the building which began life as an electrical appliance display centre now bears his name.

The building was built in the Art Deco style just after World War Two, but it was damaged in 2006 by Cyclone Larry and the facade was replicated then to restore it to its original grandeur.

Besides housing the library, Allan Maruff House is also one of the points on the town’s Art Deco walking tour .. and where you can pick up a copy of the tour map.


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