Travel Pics Theme: K for Koper. The things you find!

Octopus Jewellery

Octopus Jewellery

This week, our Travel pics series is K for Koper.

For Wednesday, it’s a hidden gem.

Or a not-so-hidden one.

We were coming to the end of a 25-night cruise from the Caribbean to Venice when we called in to Koper, in Slovenia.

Half our party had gone on a shore excursion, but my wife, one of my sisters, and I, decided to just go window shopping in the old town.

We were shooting the breeze, sampling local coffee and just wandering aimlessly when we came across a small jeweller’s stor.

And in the window was a set of pieces based on the marine motif.

The highlight for me was this gorgeous octopus.

Now, we had no use for it, had already exceeded our “fripperies” budget, and still had Venice to come (with its masks, and Venetian Glass, and other siren-calls to the credit card) – so we didn’t go in and ask about it.

But it still brings a smile when I see it.

And maybe if I ever get back to Koper … 🙂

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