Travel Pics Theme: On the Road Again! Stockton Street Tunnel

Stockton St Tunnel

Stockton St Tunnel

For the next six weeks or so, we’re on the road again – with a trip to the US to see our daughter Lini, and son in law Joe.

We’ve started in San Francisco .. and from that city comes the Stockton Street tunnel, which is effectively below our Worldmark resort.

Built in 1914, the tunnel was originally designed to cater for a now-defunct streetcar service .. but it still carries an awful lot of their antecedents, MUNI buses, which whizz through here day and night.

It cuts through ‘Nob Hill’ .. which was an upmarket residential area, and which still has some fine post-Victorian era hotels. But it also has the Nob Hill Theatre – a gay strip-club which proudly proclaims “Touch Our Junk” …

Then, on Stockton Street at the opening of the tunnel there are a diverse range of businesses.

Examples include the Green Door massage sauna (which offer in-and-out calls, so I suspect massages are a euphemism), and the Tunnel Top bar.

Below are Pete’s Dry Cleaning and Tailoring and the Mana Taqueria (which have been here since our first visit in 2009) and Vapor – which was a smoke shop, but now apparently specialises in E-cigarettes. As an aside, I saw stats yesterday showing teens who vape are three times more likely to be cigarette smokers in a year than their non-vaping counterparts.

It’s not all ‘down-market’ .. the Aida salon is new, and just down the street is San Francisco’s flagship Apple store (where we saw queues of dozens of people waiting like Eloi to enter the caves of the Morlochs to get their new iPhone 7s .. more than a week after launch, people were still lining up in the hot sun to buy one.)

Our resort is above, on Bush street, and to the right just outside the frame of this shot.

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