Travel Pics Theme: On the Road Again! Wild, Wild West.

Verdi, Nevada

Verdi, Nevada

For the next six weeks or so, we’re on the road again – with a trip to the US

Yesterday was the first of two days on board the California Zephyr – the Amtrak train that runs between San Francisco and Chicago.

We’re not going the whole way – only as far as Denver, Colorado – but already we’ve seen some amazing scenery in the Sierra Nevada mountains.

There was the Donner Pass – where a group of pioneers got snowed in, and had to resort to cannibalism to survive.

And on the other side of the mountains, Fernley in Nevada is a distant suburb of Reno, noted mainly for its mammoth 750,000 square foot Amazon distribution centre.

But today’s #Travel Pic is from Verdi – right on the California-Nevada border.

It’s a lovely location with a small hydro-electric plant, fed by flumes in wooden troughs, which you can see running across the middle of the picture.

We didn’t stop as we rattled past .. but that’s probably just as well.

There WAS a train that stopped at Verde, once – but not by choice.

In fact, it was the victim of the first ever train robbery in America’s west, back in 1870.

No such robbery today – unless you consider $7 for a beer to be robbery J

But I paid it willingly, and will do again with lunch today!

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