Travel Pics Theme: On the Road Again! Rail travel is a breeze!

Zephyr Dining Room

Zephyr Dining Room

For the next six weeks or so, we’re on the road again – with a trip to the US.

After spending a few days in San Francisco with my daughter Lini and son-in-law Joe, we began our road trip without a road – riding the iron rails instead.

We were on board the California Zephyr – the Amtrak train that runs between San Francisco and Chicago.

So, why the Zephyr?

Well, I blame WordPress.

Months and months ago, as I was setting up my travel blog and as Shirley and I were planning a trip to the US to see Lini and Joe, I spotted a WordPress blog from a guy who had just done the Zephyr, all the way from San Fran to Chicago – and then on to New York.

He showed how that could be done for as little as $213 – and that started us planning a similar trip, but even further – using a 30-day rail-pass to traverse the entire country.

In the end, that became too hard – there are too many limitations on the pass to make is doable for a couple approaching their 60s .. but we decided to do the SF-Denver leg ‘in style’. Ish.

If you want cheap, you can take the train in Coach (sitting up in reclining airline-style seats), for about $110.

If money is no object, you can book a full-blown Superliner Bedroom (with private ensuite and shower) for $1273.

Or (and this is what we did), you can go for the Superliner Roomette.

That gave us two reclining chairs, a table, two bunk beds, and communal toilet and shower facilities. It also gave us unlimited coffee, juices, water, sweets, and three meals a day in the dining car.

The Total cost? $280 each – including coach transfer from San Francisco’s Transit Terminal to the Emeryville station.

The trip was great fun – but there are some traps for young players .. I’ll look at them in a later post.

But overall, it was great fun .. and well worth considering, if you are looking for a different way to see the USA.

The Zephyr lived up to its name – it was both cool, and a breeze!

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